Video Poker

Video Poker

Crypto Casino Game

Play our Video Poker Crypto Casino Game, have a good time and use your chance to win & earn Bitcoin or other crypto coins.

Learn more about deposits, withdrawals and cryptocurrences supported in our casino.

Game Features

  • Payout up to x250
  • Min bet 10. Max bet 1000 credits
  • Choose how much to bet
  • Turn sound on / off


  • Jacks or better
  • Two pair
  • Three of a kind
  • Straight
  • Flush
  • Full house
  • Four of a kind
  • Straight flush
  • Royal flush

How to play

The objective of the game is to collect one of the possible winning combinations based on the 5-card draw.

In the first round you receive 5 random cards. You can then exchange any one of the received cards (or all of them) for another in order to collect a winning combination. To keep a specific card click on it and it will be held during the second draw.

Please check the Paytable tab in the game page to see payouts.

Provably fair

When you open the game page the server generates a secret and a seed and reveals its hash (using HMAC SHA256 algorithm). The server secret represents randomly shuffled card deck. The server seed is a cryptographically secure random alpha-numeric string. The hash of these 2 strings helps to ensure that the initial card deck is not altered after you choose the bet amount. After the game is finished the server secret and the server seed are revealed, so you can easily calculate and verify the hash.

When you play a game you can pass an extra custom string – client seed (if it’s not specified a random number is automatically generated by your browser). The server will then calculate another hash using the server secret, the server seed and the client seed. The last 5 chars of this hash (representing a hexadecimal value) will be converted to an integer. The result number will be divided by 52 (number of cards in the deck) and N cards will be cut (moved from the top to the bottom of the deck), where N is the remainder of the division. Because the client seed can not be predicted by the server the number of cards cut from the initial deck is completely random and hence you can be sure that the game result is fair.

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