New Podcast Series Profiles Lives of Successful Gambling Professionals

A new podcast series debuted this past week that goes inside the gambling community and profiles the lives of some who wager to make a living.

Every Wednesday for the next four weeks, a new episode of the Gamblers podcast will be released. The six-episode series, which launched last week, profiles gamblers from a variety of backgrounds and how they mastered their particular game. (Image: The Ringer)Gamblers is hosted by David Hill, a veteran writer on a wide variety of gambling topics. The idea for the series came after he wrote an article on sports bettors for The Ringer, which produces the podcast for Spotify.
In the six-episode series, Hill said he wanted to show people from various backgrounds and how they got into the games that turned into their livelihoods.
I wanted to show their craft, to show how they work,” Hill told “How they are able to do what they do and what all it entails. And to give people a little bit of respect for the amount of craft and skill that goes into being a professional.”
New episodes will appear every Wednesday and will be available on all podcast platforms.
Gamblers Backgrounds Vary, But They Share Common Traits
When Hill talks about a variety of gamblers, he means it. The series showcases not just a sports bettor and a horseplayer and a poker pro, it also profiles a pool hustler and a gin rummy player.
In the profile of Scott Frost, the pool player, Hill tells the story of a son of an Iowa banker. Frost was a remarkable basketball player in high school, but an encounter with his coach caused him to miss a game. That happened to be the night he discovered billiards.
While they may come from different backgrounds, one thing they have in common is that they put their own money up and bet on themselves.

“The biggest common denominator between all these folks is it is a tremendous amount of self-confidence and willingness to take risks,” he said. “In that sense, I think you could put any of these gamblers up against any of the most successful entrepreneurs in America, too.”

Another common factor is their love of games of all types. They may have mastered one, Hill said, but they’re captivated by others, too.
“Something that they have a kind of an innate attraction to and connection to is the playing of games, of learning the rules of a game, and quickly figuring out how to master those rules quickly, figuring out how to solve that puzzle, how to play that game,” he added.
Second Season? Hill Says There Are More Stories to Share
Work on the series started over a year ago, Hill said, and like pretty much everything else, COVID-19 played havoc with the schedule.
A second season of Gamblers would be up to The Ringer and Spotify, but Hill said he hopes it comes to fruition because there are stories he didn’t get a chance to share. A basketball hustler and a drag racer are just two of the stories out there.
“If this show could live on for multiple seasons, I think that one of the things that I want to do with this show is to show people that the type of person that makes their living from gambling is varied,” Hill told
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New Podcast Series Profiles Lives of Successful Gambling Professionals

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