Multiplayer Blackjack

Multiplayer Blackjack

Crypto Casino Game

Play our Live Multiplayer Blackjack Crypto Casino Game, have a good time and use your chance to win & earn Bitcoin or other crypto coins.

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Game Features

  • Join an existing game room
  • Create your own game room
  • Up to 5 players per game room
  • Payout up to x4.9 (Depends on the number of players)
  • Min bet 10. Max bet 1000 credits (room setting)
  • Turn sound on / off

How to play Live Multiplayer Blackjack

Game rooms

A user can join an existing or create their own game room by specifying its name, bet size and number of players. Upon creating a game room the user enters it automatically and can leave at any time when there is no game in progress. To prevent abuse users can not have more than 2 rooms open at the same time. Empty rooms are deleted automatically on a daily basis.


After joining a game room and placing a bet all players get 2 cards. The first card is dealt face up and other players can see it. Each player takes turn to either hit (get one or more cards) or stand. Each player has 30 seconds to complete their turn. When less than 5 seconds is left to complete the turn and the player chooses to hit they will get one card and automatically stand. Even if busted (going over 21 points) the player also needs to stand. This makes it more difficult for the next player to guess how many points the previous player got. The game end after all players stand.

The winner (the one who gets more points without going over 21) gets the pot size (all players bets) minus the house fee (2%). If several players get equal points they share the pot size. When someone is dealt blackjack (an ace and a ten-value card) the game ends immediately. If all players are busted (get more than 21 points) no one wins and the house keeps all bets.

Provably fair

Just like any other game multiplayer blackjack is also provably fair and each player can verify it in the games history to make sure the house doesn’t favor any particular player

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