Hacker Slots

Hacker Slots

Crypto Casino Slots Game

Play our Hacker Slots Crypto Casino Game, have a good time and use your chance to win & earn Bitcoin or other crypto coins.

Learn more about deposits, withdrawals and cryptocurrences supported in our casino.

Game Features

  • Payouts up to x200
  • Bet 1 to 20 lines
  • Choose how much to bet
  • 18 Top hacker countries symbols
  • Turn sound on / off
  • Wild symbols (replace any regular symbol on a payline)
  • Scatter symbols

How to play

The objective of the game is to get the symbols on the reels to fall in a perfect line behind one of the paylines. You can choose how many paylines to play in each round – from 1 to 20. Please note that your bet is multiplied by the number of paylines you play.

Apart from regular symbols there can be magic symbols – wilds and scatters. Please check the Paytable tab in the game page to see which symbols are enabled in this slot machine.

The wild symbol has the power to substitute any symbol on the reel that it appears in to create a payline. The scatter symbols will pay out no matter where on the reels they appear, they do not need to land on a payline to win.

Provably fair

When you open the game page the server generates a secret and a seed and reveals its hash (using HMAC SHA256 algorithm). The server secret represents the number of spins each reel should make. The server seed is a cryptographically secure random alpha-numeric string. The hash of these 2 strings helps to ensure that the initial numbers of spins are not altered after you choose the number of lines and bet amount. After the game is finished the server secret and the server seed are revealed, so you can easily calculate and verify the hash.

When you play a game you can pass an extra custom string – client seed (if it’s not specified a random number is automatically generated by your browser). The server will then calculate another hash using the server secret, the server seed and the client seed. The last 5 chars of this hash (representing a hexadecimal value) will be converted to an integer (Shift number). Each reel will be spun N extra times, where N is the remainder of the division of the Shift number by initial number of spins. Because the client seed can not be predicted by the server the number of extra spins is completely random and hence you can be sure that the game result is fair.

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