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Play our Dice Crypto Casino Game, have a good time and use your chance to win & earn Bitcoin or other crypto coins.

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Game Features

  • Payout up to x18
  • Choose how much to bet
  • Choose min and max win chance
  • Turn sound on / off

How to play

The game generates a random number in a range from 0 to 9999 and compares to the range or numbers set by you. If the result roll number falls into that range you win, otherwise you lose.

The probability of winnings and win coefficient are in strict dependence of the winning chance and the width of the range. It means that the probability of winning is higher when the range is wider and vice versa.

To start a game you can either specify a comfortable win chance or set the payout you would like to receive if you win. Other parameters will be adjusted automatically.

ProProvably fair

The algorithm works in the same way as all other games, except that in case of Dice game the server secret represents intially rolled random number (0-9999). When you place a bet this initial roll is adjusted by the Shift value to get the final roll.

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