Detailed instructions on how to make a cryptocurrency deposit at our crypto casino.

Once you have logged in to your casino account, click on the “Money” symbol at the top of the site.


Deposit step 1

Make a deposit

  • Enter the desired amount of credits and choose your preferred coin below (BCH, BTC, ETH, XRP, XMR, etc..).
  • Click PROCEED to get the address and QR code for the selected cryptocurrency. Your credits will be added automatically, instant after TX confirmation.
Deposit step 2

Complete deposit

To complete the deposit, please send the specified amount to the address provided to you.

DO NOT use the address shown in the demo

Deposit step 3


  • The address is not allowed to deposit other assets other than you selected, and any other asset deposit will not be recovered.
  • Include a your cryptocurrency transaction fee in your payment to send the exact amount of coins as specified.
  • The deposit transaction will be automatic, and the coins transfer will need to be confirmed by the entire coin network, and your credits will be automatically deposited to your account after confirmation.
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