Here’s how Uniswap’s (UNI) 600% rally could trigger another DeFi boom

By DoingCoin – Crypto Community Earlier this week, leading decentralized exchange Uniswap shocked the crypto world when it released the UNI token after months of anticipation. The coin was released retroactively to almost all historical users of the platform, but even still, the coin surged after its launch, shaking off selling pressure from those dumping […]

Ethereum Classic partners with ChainSafe and OpenRelay to prevent more 51% attacks

By DoingCoin – Crypto Community The quest to protect Ethereum Classic continues. As it grapples with multiple security breaches, Ethereum Classic Labs has partnered with ChainSafe and OpenRelay in hopes of increasing its defenses against 51% attacks.  In a post, Ethereum and its Core Dev Team will work with both ChainSafe and OpenRelay to develop […]

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