Yam plans protocol overhaul despite first successful V3 rebase

By DoingCoin – Crypto Community Despite Yam’s first post-relaunch rebase executing successfully, its developers are planning many more changes to the protocol. Yam, the decentralized finance (DeFi) sector’s original food-themed clone protocol, has successfully completed its first rebase since its V3 relaunch. Yam’s relaunch on September 18 followed the spectacular failure of Yam V2 last […]

Developer reveals ‘biggest unsolvable Lightning attack vector’

By DoingCoin – Crypto Community Larger payment channels on Bitcoin’s Lightning network could be exploited according to an independent developer Independent Bitcoin Lightning developer, Joost Jager, has outlined an exploit of the micro-payments network that could result in channels being compromised with very little effort and negligible cost. However, he said he’s hard at work […]

Are we dumb? Financial illiterates ‘twice as likely to own crypto’

By DoingCoin – Crypto Community Those with less financial knowledge may be twice as likely to invest in crypto. A report from Canada’s central bank shows that while most Canadians are knowledgeable about basic finance and Bitcoin, few actually hold any crypto assets. According to the results of Bank of Canada’s 2019 Cash Alternative Survey […]

Christine Lagarde: “El euro digital podría complementar el efectivo”

By DoingCoin – Crypto Community DoingCoin La presidenta del BCE, Christine Lagarde indicó en una Asamblea, que el euro digital podría ser un complemento del efectivo. La entrada Christine Lagarde: “El euro digital podría complementar el efectivo” se publicó primero en DoingCoin. The post Christine Lagarde: “El euro digital podría complementar el efectivo” appeared first […]

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